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Dental Fillings for Damaged Teeth in Stamford, CT

A dental filling material is used to restore a tooth that has been affected by a cavity. A filling works by sealing out the spaces where bacteria could enter the tooth, thereby preventing further decay. The compromised tooth structure is built up using the filling material. At the office of Regency Family Dental, we offer both amalgam and composite-based fillings to suit our patients’ needs.

Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, are metal based. They are relatively affordable and resistant to wear and tear. They are sometimes recommended for the chewing teeth; however, since they are dark in color, they’re generally not used in visible areas in the mouth, such as the front teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings are made using a composite resin material. The color of the composite material can be matched with the shade of your teeth giving you a more natural appearance. These restorations can be used in any part of the mouth.

The placement of a filling is started by removing any existing decay from the tooth. Local anesthesia is used so that you don’t feel pain while we clean your tooth. Once the tooth has been cleaned, flushed and dried, the filling material is placed on the tooth and shaped carefully. Following this treatment, the tooth will be able to be used normally.

If you have a tooth affected by cavities, contact the office of Regency Family Dental for a solution immediately. Our quality fillings will help restore your teeth and smile. Call us at (203) 323-1186 to make an appointment.

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