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Many patients are anxious about dental visits. But for some people, this anxiety turns into fear of dental procedures and prevents them from receiving proper dental care. Sedation dentistry is the answer.

At the office of Regency Family Dental, we understand your anxiety, but we also do not want it to get in the way of your oral care. That is why we offer a professional, friendly and relaxed environment for all our patients. For those who have a high level of dental anxiety, we offer sedation options to help them undergo their dental procedures with ease.

Laughing gas produces a mild-to-moderate sedation effect depending on the dosage administered. The patient inhales the laughing gas by placing a mask on their nose during their dental treatment. Even though one remains conscious and can respond to cues during the treatment, the gas induces a feeling of relaxation and lightheadedness. This goes away once the gas is switched off and the patient inhales oxygen for a while.

A local anesthetic injection administered at the treatment site works by temporarily numbing the nerves in the area which prevents pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. The effects of anesthesia wear off shortly after the procedure is over. Although local anesthesia does provide relaxation, sometimes just the knowledge that no pain will be felt is helpful for an anxious patient.

We are proud to offer a revolutionary, needle-free anesthetic that is administered topically, below the gum line. It can eliminate pain during many dental procedures without a needle. Call us for more information!

Get world class dental care in the most comfortable and anxiety-free way possible. Contact the office of Regency Family Dental to learn more. You can call us at (203) 323-1186 to schedule a consultation.

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