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Protecting your teeth against cavities one of the most important things you can do to maintain optimal oral health. Our back teeth have a rough chewing surface with grooves and indentations in them. Bacteria, plaque and food particles can inhabit these areas, and in combination with acids produced during the breakdown of food in the mouth, they can give rise to cavities and decay. Since the bristles of a toothbrush may be too large for these grooves, they cannot be effectively cleaned when brushing.

Dental Sealants in Stamford

Sealants are a transparent or tooth-colored plastic film which is applied to the chewing surface of the molars to prevent cavities. The best time to apply dental sealants is when a child’s permanent molars first erupt, but they are also highly effective in protecting adult teeth against decay. Dental sealants are a safe and effective way to smooth out and seal the surface irregularities in the back teeth. Since they are clear or tooth-colored, they do not affect the aesthetics of your teeth. The best part is that they can be applied only in a few minutes without any pain.

Applying sealants takes only about two minutes per tooth. The teeth are cleaned and dried, and the sealant material is painted on to the tooth surface in a thin layer after roughening the tooth surface by applying an etching agent. This helps the sealant bond well to the tooth’s surface. Once the sealant layer dries, we will check your bite, and the process is complete.

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Review from Rachel F.
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Rachel F.

My husband and I have both switched to Regency Dental and are so happy. I was so surprised with the level of care I received during my check up. I have never had a dentist spend that amount of time with me and conduct such a thourough exam! In addition, I have terrible sensitivity and they made sure that my appointment was comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!!!!
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Maria P.

A very friendly atmosphere! My best experience in a dental office with no wait time and the best teeth cleaning.
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Deepesh S.

Excellent service provided by Dr. Shrotriya. Popped in and popped out. Very straight forward and not looking to have me spend on work or things I don't need. Very friendly staff and good atmosphere in office.Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a nice dentist.
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