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Are you suffering from tooth pain? You may need root canal treatment. If you are experiencing any pain, call our office immediately.

Root Canal Treatment in Stamford

Millions of teeth are saved each year through root canal treatment. Inside the tooth, beneath the hard outer layer, is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. A root canal infection occurs when the pulp gets infected. As the infection progresses, bacteria keep multiplying inside the tooth, causing pain and sensitivity.

An abscess or pimple-like dot may appear on the gum near the tooth. In advanced stages, this can affect the bone near the tooth, causing tooth loss and jawbone deterioration.

Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods.
  • Spontaneous throbbing or pain in the tooth while chewing or biting
  • An injury or decay which creates an abscess in the bone


This treatment can restore the health of the tooth and help you get rid of the pain and sensitivity caused by the infection. The procedure is performed after administering local anesthesia. An access hole is made in the tooth to get to the pulp chamber, and the infected and dead nerves are removed using small dental instruments. Once the tooth is clean, it is filled with an inert filling material, and a crown may be placed over it to reduce the risk of fracture.

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Review from Rachel F.
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Rachel F.

My husband and I have both switched to Regency Dental and are so happy. I was so surprised with the level of care I received during my check up. I have never had a dentist spend that amount of time with me and conduct such a thourough exam! In addition, I have terrible sensitivity and they made sure that my appointment was comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!!!!
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Maria P.

A very friendly atmosphere! My best experience in a dental office with no wait time and the best teeth cleaning.
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Five stars

Deepesh S.

Excellent service provided by Dr. Shrotriya. Popped in and popped out. Very straight forward and not looking to have me spend on work or things I don't need. Very friendly staff and good atmosphere in office.Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a nice dentist.
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