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Cosmetic Dentistry in Stamford, CT

A chipped tooth or stained, discolored teeth can ruin the look of your smile without necessarily affecting your function. Cosmetic dentistry is about restoring the beauty of your smile with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening and cosmetic dental bonding for the front teeth. Our most popular cosmetic dentistry services include:

Porcelain Crowns – Porcelain crowns are beautiful restorations that fit over a damaged or chipped tooth to restore the beauty of your smile and your bite/chewing function.

Porcelain Veneers – Dental veneers are thin shells that cover the surface of your front teeth. We use porcelain veneers to correct a chipped tooth, stained teeth, poorly positioned front teeth and gaps between front teeth. Dental veneers can remake your smile into something you are proud to show off.

Teeth Whitening – We provide take-home teeth whitening kits to brighten dull, stained and discolored teeth and turn up the wattage of your smile by making it several shades whiter.

Dental Bonding Front Teeth – Cosmetic dental bonding on the front teeth is a cost-effective method of protecting and whitening front teeth to match the rest of your teeth.

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Our Happy Patients

"Excellent service provided by Dr. Shrotriya. Popped in and popped out. Very straight forward and not looking to have me spend on work or things I don't need. Very friendly staff and good atmosphere in office. Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a nice dentist."

Deepesh S.

"Wonderful friendly service! Exceptional Dental knowledge, providing heartfelt care for their patients."

Shawndria A.

"My husband and I have both switched to Regency Dental and are so happy. I was so surprised with the level of care I received during my check up. I have never had a dentist spend that amount of time with me and conduct such a thorough exam! In addition, I have terrible sensitivity and they made sure that my appointment was comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!!!!"

Rachel D.
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